Front Line Nurse: An emotional first world war saga full o

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In the Great War, every act of courage counted… Angelina Green never knew her mother, who left her in a cardboard box by the East London docks on a freezing November night when she was a tiny baby. Saved by a local orphanage, she knows she owes her life to the kindness of others. And she's determined to repay her debt by working as a nurse. Strong, kind and patient, Angelina is a natural on the ward. But when war breaks out in 1914 and she is sent to The Front, her courage is tested like never before… As war rages around her, a chance meeting with a familiar soldier sends Angelina's whole world into turmoil. Can she hold her nerve, save the men around her – and protect her heart? Don't miss this emotional story of one woman's remarkable courage in the face of the Great War. Praise for Rosie James: 'Front Line Nurse is a wonderful book that gives insight to what nurses went through during the war' 'The characters were enjoyable from beginning to the end!' 'Fantastic war saga very enthralling and feel good factor. Rosie James doesn't disappoint and this book was no different she writes with such warmth…Highly recommended' 'This was a great piece of historical fiction!' 'A delightful story to read'

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