I Didn't Know I Could Do That

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A zillion books have been written about investing and wealth management. Most of them cover the same basic turf. But some of the most amazing tools for building wealth are little-known strategies that many wealth advisors don't seem to know about or think about. In this book, Tony Perrone shares nine of these strategies with you. They can help you magnify your net income without earning a dime more than you already do, and live a more comfortable and adventurous retirement.I Didn't Know I Could Do That! is filled with hands-on wisdom that Tony has picked up in his twenty- plus years of wealth management work. Some of the ideas help you make money, some help you avoid losing it. Used together or separately, they can help transform your retirement . Every tip in this book is built on Tony's money philosophy: it's not how much you make, it's how much you keep.

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