Inverse Problems

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This volume presents the proceedings of a workshop on Inverse Problems and Applications and a special session on Inverse Boundary Problems and Applications. Inverse problems arise in practical situations, such as medical imaging, exploration geophysics, and non- destructive evaluation where measurements made in the exterior of a body are used to deduce properties of the hidden interior. A large class of inverse problems arise from a physical situation modeled by partial differential equations. The inverse problem is to determine some coefficients of the equation given some information about solutions. Analysis of such problems is a fertile area for interaction between pure and applied mathematics. This interplay is well represented in this volume where several theoretical and applied aspects of inverse problems are considered. The book includes articles on a broad range of inverse problems including the inverse conductivity problem, inverse problems for Maxwell's equations, time reversal mirrors, ultrasound using elastic pressure waves, inverse problems arising in the environment, inverse scattering for the three-body problem, and optical tomography. Also included are several articles on unique continuation and on the study of propagation of singularities for hyperbolic equations in anisotropic media. This volume is suitable for graduate students and research mathematicians interested in inverse problems and applications.

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